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Established in 1994, Arizona Partners is a real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, redevelopment, management, and leasing of retail shopping centers throughout the Southwest and California. Our approach to the business is evolutionary––we acquire existing retail projects with an eye toward reinventing them through developing stronger, synergistic tenancies, improving a design that may include a mixed-use element, and providing solid marketing and management skills. We look at projects not for what they are, but for what they can be. The heart and soul of our organization are to enhance and maximize the value of each property under our control with persistence and uncompromising integrity. The strength of our continuing relationships with tenants, brokers, investors, and lenders is a direct result of our desire to continually improve. By focusing on what we know–RETAIL–Arizona Partners continues to evolve and reach new levels of success.

Our most valuable asset

Our azp team

Arizona Partners is a vertically integrated company, performing all acquisition, leasing, property management, construction management, and accounting functions in-house. With extraordinary knowledge gained from decades of experience, our dedicated team, a healthy mixture of experience and youth that is encouraged to follow fundamentals while continuing to test the status quo, deliver superior value starting with identifying a potential acquisition and continuing through maximizing returns from a center that is operating at capacity.


Because of our experience, along with an extensive network of relationships with brokers, property owners, and lenders we have the ability to an ticipate and identify potential acquisitions before they are brought to market. We then utilize our leasing and tenant relationships to quickly analyze the growth potential of both the center and its surrounding area and seize the opportunities we create.

Property Management

Our approach to managing our centers is strategic in nature, providing analysis, planning and recommendations to facilitate effective decision-making. By directly maintaining a feel for the “pulse” of our centers, we constantly receive important feedback from existing tenants that enables us to understand their needs and recognize when improvements are required.


We utilize our proven ability to establish and leverage tenant relationships to focus on creating a superior tenant mix and improving the drawing power of our centers. Broker cooperation and referrals, direct email, telemarketing, door-to-door canvassing and integrating non-retail tenants are examples of our aggressive and dedicated efforts to bring the highest quality tenants to our centers.

Mixed use

A major evolution of retail is that less space is needed as internet sales grow and the number of large box tenants and shop tenants shrink. Our focus is on integrating residential, medical, and educational uses into our center.


Our experienced staff of portfolio and construction accountants utilize state-of-the-art property management software to provide accurate financial data, timely invoicing, and tenant reconcili ations which are vital for effective decision-making throughout the ownership cycle which efficiently maximizes the cash flow from each of our centers.


Arizona Partners is a vertically integrated company, performing all acquisition, leasing, property management, construction management and accounting functions in-house.